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It’s time to stop letting your blood sugar issues control your life with my personalized nutrition services.

Working with me will give you a clear process to help you first understand why your blood sugars are less than optimal, then identify your food preferences and develop a plan so you can feel confident, healthy and happy again in your body.

1Choose more whole foods to slow down digestion of sugars.
2Develop a plan that is unique and sustainable for you alone.
3Feel confident, knowing what you can eat and what has limitations.

Hi, I'm Lana

I am a dietitian who does nutrition counselling with a side of compassion. I serve those in need of improving blood sugar values by working alongside clients to make sustainable food and lifestyle choices.

About Me

Slide What is important to know is that you are unique and there is no one cookie cutter solution that will work for you.
Your plan needs to be tailored for you. What causes me to have chronic high blood sugars? A simple explanation is that glucose builds up in the bloodstream because the body is unable to use it effectively. Insulin is a chemical messenger that allows cells to absorb glucose from the blood, so that glucose can be used by the muscles and organs as fuel. But people living with Type 2 diabetes do not produce enough insulin from the pancreas to keep blood sugar levels steady, causing high blood sugar. There are many factors that come into play: genetics, inactive lifestyle, stress triggers, and weight for example.
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