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Your doctor diagnoses you with PCOS, insulin resistance, pre-diabetes or Type 2 diabetes. Trying to be helpful, your doctor may tell you there is plenty of information on Google, suggest you to lose weight, put you on metformin and will want to see your bloodwork in 3 months.

For pre-diabetes and Type 2 diabetes, you eventually get scheduled for classes (currently virtual) and get loaded with a lot of general information in a few sessions. Your favourite desserts, bread, rice, pasta, even bananas, are on the “don’t overeat” list!  And now you’re freaking out. You thought these foods were supposed to be healthy.

You’re thinking, “I can’t eat anything I like anymore!”

You’re worried that you won’t get it “right,” and you don’t want any more medications.

Frustrated, you turn to Google, and all you find is conflicting advice, Go keto, Go vegan etc. You don’t know what to believe.

You’ve tried eliminating sugar and white flour, and nothing seems to work. You’re doing all these changes and not seeing any weight loss or blood sugar improvement.

Eating has become stressful. You wish you knew what to do to get back to feeling like you are in control.

You feel like you are missing out on too many things you used to enjoy.

Now, imagine feeling in control over your food again.

Your well-stocked pantry and fridge have food that makes you feel good and your blood sugars steady. Meal planning, shopping, and even cooking are manageable again. You’re excited to try new recipes, and you’re spending more time connecting at the dinner table with people you love.

Ordering restaurant foods is easy for you now. You go out to eat, and you spend most of the time smiling, laughing, and enjoying the great company.

You’re excited because you feel free to do what you enjoy doing without stressing over meals and snacks.

  • Food can be fun and easy again.

  • Worrying about what to eat doesn’t have to be the #1 thing you think about every day.

  • You can be in control and feel confident that you can do this.

There is help, and you don’t have to do it alone.

You can have your life back.

That’s exactly what you get when you work with me.

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