Group Nutrition Coaching

Are you unsure about what to eat or when to eat? Are you noticing that it isn’t as easy as you thought to start your healthy lifestyle?

This Group Nutrition Coaching program can help.

I will help you learn how to apply real food and evidence-based strategies to establish healthy eating habits, while enjoying easy to prepare, great tasting foods. With a toolkit of knowledge, skills and recipes, you will be prepared to make sustainable healthy eating habits!

Program is made up of 6x 1-hour sessions:

Nutrition 101: Macronutrient, fad diets and you.


Stress reduction through healthy habits,food and exercise


Healthy gut: Foods and habits to improve and enhance digestion


Intuitive eating and Mindfullness: what are they and how to apply them


Maintaining hormone balance: why this matters


Meal Prep with the group / group Sharing

Each 1-hour session includes:
  • 40 minutes dedicated to each topic as well as tips on how you can implement lessons learned.
  • 20-min devoted for you to ask all your nutrition questions and what takeaways you will try for the week
  • 3 days of brand new meal plans each session (including 3 meals/1 snack, delicious recipes, pre-made grocery lists)
  • Bonuses and giveaways!

This program is for you if you want to:

  • Feel energized. Establish healthy habits that will help reduce fatigue, improve digestion,  balance your bood sugars and ultimately get you feeling good.
  • Feel stronger. Food impacts how we physically feel. Learn to eat in ways that will support your fitness journey and increase muscle mass, making you stronger and managing your blood sugars so much better
  • Feel in control. Learn how to increase your mind-body connection,  as well as have a better understanding of how to your body works with all foods
Investment: $159
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*Virtual sessions will be every Wednesday evening at 7pm PST.